We love to sponsor Minecraft servers! Feel that you go what it takes to become sponsored?

Sponsorship Types and Requirements

Normal Sponsorship

50 players online at any given time

100 total active players

Server must already exist

Server has to have already existed for 3 months

Twitch Sponsorship

100 concurrent viewers per stream


Minimum of 2 streams a week consistently

Minimum of 50 total streams completed

YouTube Sponsorship

1,000 Subscribers

10,000 Total Views

Minimum of 2 videos posted a week consistently

Minimum of 50 video's posted

Note: Meeting these requirements does not guarantee that you will get accepted into our sponsorship program. These are simply minimum requirements to be considered for sponsorship. Each application is unique and will be reviewed and accepted/denied on a per case bases.

Meet the requirements? Contact us here to discuss being sponsored!