Positions and Specifications

Support Representative

We are not currently hiring support representatives.

Marketing Affiliate

Have at least 100 reactions received from MC-Market.

Must post our banner in your MC-Market signature and have it hyperlinked with your affiliate link.

We use referral links from our affiliate program to track the number of customers you refer.

You will receive a free server as compensation for your work.

In order to receive a free server, you must start by refer two customers to us.

For every two customers referred, you will receive 1GB of RAM for free! (Each server lasts 1 month and in order to keep the server, you must refer at least 2 new customers to us per month.)

Systems Administrator

We are not currently hiring systems administrators.

Note: This is not a complete list of jobs at TestedHost. If a job is not listed here, it means that we are not currently hiring for that position.

Get Familiar!

Why not purchase a server to get familiar with our platform? This will greatly increase your chance of getting hired!