About TestedHost

TestedHost provides high quality Minecraft servers starting at $3.00/GB!


TestedHost LLC's goal is to provide the best Minecraft server hosting experience possible. Through our years of experience, we have pulled out the best aspects of various other Minecraft server hosters and bundled them up to form our company. We are dedicated to providing the best level of service possible.


At TestedHost we believe in providing the most user friendly experience possible. No need to have to dig for what you are looking for. We believe that our users should have the easiest time navigating our site, ordering services, and getting support.


We believe that in order for us to be trusted, we have to earn it by providing excellent service at every level.


Our customers don't just use TestedHost, they love it. This is because we love every aspect of our work and strive for perfection. Love is in the small things, the things you don't need to do and it makes all the difference.